quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008

About blog

This is a new blog where we show to the visitors how a green area close to the river side can be killed just to keep some people happy with some more money in the pocket.
Late on 60’s a big piece of land where overtaken by government to build social houses and other equipment. This is a small part of the area and after 30 years without doing anything they come back, but this place is not connected anymore with poor people and the concept of suburb.
This is now one of the best places of town, remain green so far. As everybody wants a house were they can see the River Sado, the Troia Peninsula and the sea, the City Council accept the construction of new towers all around. There is a lot of small houses that soon will be surround by 5 to 7 floors buildings like this one.

This blog is an extension of another one telling another story with some actors, just on the other side of the road.
We are not against new constructions, but only against towers that are ‘killing’ the way of life of neighbours. We even ‘rebuild’ a book from the ‘for DUMMIES’ series to show what we think about new constructions in wrong places.
That will be only a photo blog with no comments, telling a story by pictures in the perspective of a known camel from a joke we made in the friend’s blog (first they kill the green with tons and tons of land carried by trucks from the other side of road; now they are removing the land to start building apartments’ towers).
If we had a chance to choose, it’s better a desert – as we call now this place - than a concrete area.

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